Hayden and Company is an Authorized Distributor of FireDos® Stationary Proportioners, Portable Proportioners, and Fire Brigade Proportioners.

FireDos is the worldwide industry leader in high-quality Foam Proportioning Systems, providing Stationary Proportioners for Foam Extinguishing Systems, Portable Foam Proportioners, and Fire Brigade Proportioners.

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Stationary Proportioners

Stationary Foam Proportioners for Fire Extinguishing Systems

FireDos® Proportioners incorporate a purely mechanical method to blending, or admixing, a wide variety of foam concentrates with your onsite firewater.

Many scenarios require foam to extinguish fire successfully. To effectively produce the extinguishing agents, the foam must be accurately admixed with water.

What makes the FireDos® concept unique is their specially designed water motors and proportioning pumps that work together, allowing precise proportioning across a wide range of water flow rates and pressures.

Advantages of FireDos® Stationary Proportioners:

WATER DRIVEN! Self-contained units that derive their power from your system water flow. No Electricity or other "backup" power supplies are needed.
PERFORMANCE! Maintain optimal proportioning rates at any GPM, under any PSI.
OPTIMIZATION! The new Gen III Proportioners have been Hydraulically Optimized, providing a Pressure Loss Reduction of 25%.
CONSERVATIVE! The water motor is a closed system, therefore no water is lost during operation. Foam Proportioning is tested within the system - without generating foam or premix - and any additional foam is returned to the foam storage tank for future use.
OPTIONS! Proportioners can be incorporated in a wide range of operating systems, such as Sprinkler, Deluge, and Wet or Dry Extinguishing Systems. Additionally, these systems are suitable for extremely high-viscous, alcohol-resistent, or fluorine-free foam agents.
QUICK INSTALL & EASY TO OPERATE! Shipped ready to install. Adjustments for proportioning, or otherwise, are not necessary. Simply "flange up" the water side and foam side, and your proportioner is ready to admix.
ECO-FRIENDLY & COST EFFICIENT! Admix exactly what you need - No more, No Less - thus, providing your system with the most efficient method of extinguishing or preventing fires.
UNLIMITED! The foam agent is pulled from a separate, non-pressurized, gravity-fed, storage tank which can be filled while the system is in operation; allowing your operators to keep a consistent flow, protecting your assets.
APPROVALS! Proportioners meet the requirements of international standards by legislative bodies and insurance companies, allowing use in all types of fire extinguishing systems.
No other proportioning system worldwide holds as many approvals. In addition, FireDos works together with international industry associations closely, diligently implementing their recommendations for achieving consistent standards and process optimizations.
SUPPORT! To help our Valued Customers during planning phase, FireDos and Hayden & Company will assist in developing the perfect application solution based on your facility needs. When it's time for on-site commissioning, FireDos service technicians, Hayden and Company, and factory-trained personnel will be pleased to get your Foam Proportioning System installed and operational.


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