Industrial facilities require advanced fire safety systems to keep workers safe.  This is especially true in chemical plants, oil and gas refineries, and on offshore drilling rigs where flammable or toxic substances are extracted and processed.

Hayden and Company offers years of experience in industrial fire protection and emergency safety.  Our knowledgeable professionals will work with your company to create a comprehensive fire protection plan that keeps your workers safe and your facility in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

Fire Equipment Maintenance and Testing
We perform testing, repairs, service and part replacement on your fire equipment in conjunction with Emergency Apparatus Maintenance, Inc.

Preventive Maintenance
Performed in your station.  DOT, EVT and ASE certified technicians.

Pumps / Portable Pumps
Pump service, repairs, parts and sales.
Authorized service center for waterous, Darley, Hale and Godiva pumps.

Mobile-on-Site Pump Service Testing.
Annual pump service testing performed at your fire station.   Meets NFPA 1911 Standards.   Pump panel tagged with test results.   Test uses clean water.   No need to draft from rivers or lakes.   Let us come to you with our 14 fully equipped mobile service trucks.

Foam Systems
Repairs and Maintenance.
Certified Foam Pro Dealership.  Retrofit installation specialist including CAFS.

Water Tanks
Repairs, Relining, Replacement.

Generators - Gas, Diesel or Hydraulic
Sales, Service & Repairs.

Small Engine Repair
Generators, PPV fans & Rescue Tools.

Complete system repair.  Alternator repairs and re-building.  Load Management Systems installation.

Ladders - Aerial and Ground
Repair & Service.

Air Conditioning Service

fire protection services

  • Technical Assistance & Consulting
  • Fire Water Systems Testing & Hydraulic Modeling
  • Special Hazards Engineering Design
  • Storage Tank Foam Chamber Pre-Planning & Inspections
  • On-Site Fire Training Exercises
  • Annual Fire Pump Performance Testing
  • Oil Spill Response Training
  • LPG Water Spray Systems Design & Testing
  • HF Mitigation Consulting & Services
  • Annual NFPA Apparatus Service, Testing & Maintenance
  • Foam Concentrate & System Testing